Rappelling in Nainital


In simple terms, rappelling involves climbing down steep rocks or a mountain, with the help of a rope. Equipments like a harness, camming devices, helmet, etc. is used in this adventurous outdoor activity. You can feel the adrenaline rush through your veins while you gradually descend down the mountain surrounded by the beauty of nature.

River Crossing in Nainital

River Crossing

River crossing requires you to cross the river using a rope. All you need is patience and strength in order to successfully complete this task. Safety gears will make sure that you have a risk free activity. It is a unique activity which will surely satisfy the quench for adventure and thrill.

Valley Crossing in Nainital

Valley Crossing

Valley crossing can be done at Barapathar in Nainital. It is a fun filled activity done under the supervision of an instructor. This activity involves crossing a valley between the two mountains. You have to cross the valley with the help of a single rope. This activity will challenge your stamina and you will be thrilled by the time you complete this adventurous task.

Kayaking in Nainital


Kayaking can be done at the Sattal Lake, where you can forget all your worries as you take in the beauty of the mountains that surround you. The lake is very calm and peaceful, and promises to thrill your senses and take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Happiness can be found in the simplest of things – so take this simple ride on a kayak and redefine happiness for yourself.